Associate Membership Interest Form

Association History and Nature of the TAA

Established in 1968, the Tobacconists’ Association of America, Ltd. (“TAA” or “Association”) membership is comprised of the tobacco industry’s most prominent Retailers and Manufacturers.  The Annual TAA Convention and Meeting is designed to allow both sides of membership an opportunity to network, engage and explore the best opportunities of the tobacco industry.

Who is an Associate Member?

An Associate Member representative will be the principal or designated officer of the business entity of the manufacturing organization.   Associate Members are non-vo

ting members of the TAA.  An Associate Member representative may be selected by the TAA Board of Directors to serve on the Associate Member Advisory Board (AMAB) for a period of no more than 3 years.   Please note that TAA Memberships are non-transferable and may not be used in negotiations for sale of a Member’s business.  Additionally, in the event that existing Associate Members consolidate, only one membership may be held following an approval of change from the TAA Board of Directors.  An existing Associate Member who is sold or transferred to a new company may be entitled to apply for continued membership through the Fast Track Application. The new entity must have acquired the principle brands, assets and intellectual properties of the old member company. 

Selection Process for New Associate Member Candidates

The selection process for new Associate Members is multifaceted.  Many considerations are given to each nomination for final approval by TAA Board of Directors (BoD). Your company or your name may have been offered up by a TAA Associate Member, a TAA Retail Member or you may have been recognized as a leader within the industry for several reasons.  Each Associate Member candidate is reviewed by the TAA Membership Committee each Fall.  The committee then selects candidate(s) based on the needs of membership of the Association.  TAA Associate Membership Candidates are strictly reviewed and the selection process is exclusive.  Once the Committee has prepared an initial list of candidates, the list will be presented to the full BoD for consideration.  Each Director will then have the opportunity to evaluate and research each candidate. 

Approval and Removal Procedures

General Membership into TAA is for one calendar year ending December 31st of that year. Each general member shall each year renew is membership by certifying it is in compliance with TAA By Laws and membership requirements. Although renewal is usually granted, the membership committee may recommend non-renewal for any General Member pursuant to Article IV, Section 6 of the By Laws for failure to renew annual membership or for non-compliance with the standards set forth herein. Non-payment or late payment of dues shall be grounds for automatic terminations of membership, as set forth in the By Laws.

Fast Track Applications

TAA Membership is non-transferable with the sale of a company.  However, TAA has prepared a situation where a Fast Track Application process can be provided for consideration of membership. 

Approval of fast track applications begin with the Membership Committee who will review the application and present their findings to the TAA Board of Directors for consideration. Each Board Member will then have the opportunity to evaluate and research the Associate.  

Fast track applicants will be accepted on a probationary basis of not less than 2 years. During the probationary period all terms and obligations of membership, as stated herein, must be followed and will be reviewed by the Membership Committee for compliance annually.

Qualifications of Membership:
  • An Associate Member is a manufacturer, distributor or supplier of merchandise conducive to a Retail Member’s brick and mortar business at retail pricing.
  • Is NOT engaged in the sale of equipment and other paraphernalia that is intended for the use of illegal drugs.
  • Complies with all local, state and federal laws and does not engage in discount selling to consumers.  
  • Is a member, in good standing, with the PCA for at least 3 consecutive years.
  • The Associate Member representative must be a principal owner of the business or a designated officer of the manufacturer, distributor or supplier with the authority to engage and conduct business with TAA on behalf of the Associate Member.  
  • Must have an active business account with 80% or more of the current list of TAA Retail Members.  
Terms and Obligations of Associate Membership:
  • Must be current on all dues, registrations, or sponsorship fees associated with the TAA.  
  • Must be an active sponsor of at least one TAA Annual Convention and Meeting Event at the current established minimum Sponsorship Level. 
  • Associate Member principal(s) or designated officers must attend the TAA Annual Meeting and Convention each year including the date of the mini-trade show. Convention attendance will be counted at the Mini Trade-Show.  
  • Must be willing to offer up and participate in surveys relating to general data that is collected from TAA sales and shows to better inform the Association.
  • Must be willing to actively participate in the TAA Mini-Trade show offering Show Specials to the Retail
  • Members in attendance.
  • Must be willing to actively participate in the TAA Deals and Data or TAA Exclusive Series programs.
  • Must not offer or permit “TAA Show-Only Deals” or TAA Deals and data(if applicable) to non-TAA Members or to TAA Members not in attendance at the Annual TAA Convention & Trade Show. 
  • Must be willing to participate in TAA Virtual Events as scheduled.
  • Must be willing to protect and enforce the unauthorized use, distribution and sale of the TAA Exclusive Series Product (“ESP”) Trademarks if participating in the TAA ESP program.  
  • Will not use any TAA logo, trademark or insignia without the express consent of the TAA.  
  • TAA membership is non-transferable.
Benefits of TAA Associate Membership:
  • An invitation to the TAA Annual Convention & Meeting.
  • The chance to benefit from special Spring time selling opportunities during the Mini-Trade Show. 
  • Participation in Convention TAA Deals and Data program, as available. 
  • Additional selling opportunities through TAA Virtual Events.
  • The chance to participate in the nationally recognized TAA ESP Program, as available. 
  • The benefits of targeted sponsorship opportunities that keep your customers engaged and your brand(s) in the forefront of the industry’s best retailers. 
  • The benefit of receiving professional data reports collected from the industry’s best retailers to determine the industry’s standards and trends.
  • The opportunity to engage in “one-on-one” networking with top industry professionals during the Annual Convention & Meeting.  

Please consider the Approval and Removal Procedures, Qualifications, Terms and Benefits of Membership before submitting interest.  The success of the TAA is based on the participation of both the Retail Members and the TAA Associate Members jointly.

TAA Associate Membership Interest Form